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Welcome to Counselling – Gold Coast – a service to help with enhancing Self-Confidence, Self-Development, Self-Esteem and Self-Empowerment … for being the best we can be!

Lets Talk! … with a series of counselling techniques to help facilitate ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Stress Management’, ‘Decision-Making’ ‘Relationship Issues’ and ‘Crises-Support’ to assist with improved outcomes such as clarity, focus and enhanced performance.

With 20 years with practicing various counselling modalities, I’ve observed how so many  problems are due to stress, and so much stress is due a poor lifestyle. So, to help resolve many issues, we need to address our stress levels and look at ways to enhance our lifestyle. Hence, I recommend life-style coaching. 

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Now-a days, with so many people suffering excessive stress, along with this is also a poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, caffeine dependency, tobacco and alcohol addiction, etc. … hence there’s such a big need for a lifestyle change.

Our society has seen such vast changes in the last few decades. However, not all of these changes are ideal for us. As some examples, we can see such significant changes in our food, technology, entertainment, our expectations, attitudes and behaviour and our daily activities.

Unfortunately, in so many cases, these rapid changes in our lifestyle have contributed largely to the emergence of various problems. Some of these are such as fatigue, pain, stress and anxiety. However, a problem is that since these conditions creep up so gradually, most people don’t see any urgency to face them.

The big problem is that now-a-days, most people just want a quick fix, preferably just taking a pill. However, one of the best ways to take care of these chronic conditions is to modify our lifestyle choices. Lifestyle coaching is ideally, a multidisciplinary approach, made-up by embracing many different modalities. To be successful, it’s essential to identify and manage the underlying ’cause of the cause’ of these various chronic diseases. A big part of this successful management, many times requires much investigation and motivation at modifying our ‘lifestyle choices’.

Although maybe well intended, a major problem is that unfortunately many practitioners are not really well set-up for tackling these issues. This is mostly due to a lack of insight, skill, time and resources for dealing with addressing the complexity of these lifestyle issues. More often, with lifestyle coaching requires a deeper practitioner-client relationship discussion for any meaningful change.

Lifestyle Coaching is a fairly new, yet booming profession. Over the last few years, specialists in the medical fraternity have also started adopting ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ it as much as they can. They’re now quiet actively promoting ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ … and it’s gaining worldwide momentum among these band of specialists.

Many clients worldwide have expressed how they’ve benefited, as lifestyle related problems have been managed through appropriate modifications. In life-style coaching, often to make the necessary changes in our life, it may be required to make a considerable commitment, to be dedicated at addressing in depth the underlying ’cause-of-the-cause’ of our various issues, such as subconscious sabotage patterns. Hence, a life-style approach may sometimes need a little ‘soul-searching’ and the deeper we delve the higher we can climb.

Ideally, life-style’ coaching will be drawn from a wide array of disciplines. Maybe with integrating both the east and western approaches, ancient wisdom and modern science. To gain successful and sustainable results, ‘life-style’ coaching should embrace many facets. As an example, from the likes of awareness of our mindset, motivational factors, environmental awareness, behavioural awareness and dietary considerations, relationships … plus much more.  Successful life-style coaching also requires much support. Ideally, the whole program would include a combination of consultations, seminars, workshops, courses, online resouces, etc.

In summary, life-style coaching would ideally embrace a holistic approach. Ideally including a wide range of modalities, presented over a broad range of formats. In life-style coaching we need to remember, the WHO definition of health, which basically explains that it’s about complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely just the the absence of disease. Great life-style coaching is about learning how to care for yourself better … and discover more about yourself along the path.

An Intro to the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Course. 

Life coaching is about awakening awareness. One aspect of awakening awareness is about being more open-minded  and in having a wider perspective about our self and the world we live in. Awareness is the prelude to consciousness. We cannot have consciousness without awareness. Our life is a reflection of our consciousness.  Awareness is different to consciousness. Awareness is how our senses perceive our physical reality. Consciousness is about what choices we make. The more conscious of the unconscious we are, the more conscious we become. It’s about being aware and recognising our unconscious aspects. I venture into these concepts in much more detail in the ‘Awakening-awareness’ series of seminars.

Stress, Pain & Fatigue
The major reason people seek the help of a practitioner is because of stress, pain and fatigue. Many health complaints arise when the discomfort, aches and pain becomes greater than the perceived ability to keep resisting the various signs and symptoms. However, these signs and symptoms are merely the tip of the iceberg. Even so, stress, pain and fatigue is also the underlying cause of so many situations, such as accidents, injuries, conflicts, disputes, relationship breakdowns and generally a poor quality of life.

Consider some of the ways in which people attempt to cope with these modern day ailments. Some of the most common self medications are alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sweets, sex, drugs, masturbation, television, sleep, exercise and holiday escapes. These are merely ways to pacify the symptoms, but don’t necessarily take care of the underlying real problem. Many people spend so much of their time and effort suppressing their true feelings and emotions. As they suffer the symptoms of stress, pain and fatigue, it’s gradually becoming obvious to many that what they’ve been doing for so long just doesn’t work. There comes a time when enough is enough, when it’s time for change. Life coaching is about cultivating more functional ways to manage our various issues in life.

Relativity, basically looks at how, in some way, everything is relative to something else. Hence, for every seemingly negative aspect, there is also a relative positive side. The brightness of the day can only be recognised relative to the darkness of the night. Our spirit and soul are in a relationship. Spirit is that masculine driving force that lifts us, inspires us and moves us. Our soul is our very essence, our most inner core, the seed which holds our potential. Much more about relativity, relationships and sexuality is covered in the ‘Spiritual Sexuality’ components of the Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course.

Break-Thru to Success
Success will mean many different things, at different times to different people. It may be said that is freedom, is to be able to be, do, have, create and destroy as we wish. Simply put, we could say that success, ultimately is very much about loving your life, loving who you are and what you do. If you are not doing what you love, than what are you doing? To be successful, we need to awaken out of complacency. We need to break free from the shackles, that are holding us back. Success is created by the choices that we make. Our life is a reflection of our consciousness. If we fall unconscious, we fail to reach our full potential. Most people are not successful because they don’t love what they’re doing. Therefore, they don’t love their life. It just so happens, our life is a reflection of who we are. Hence, they don’t love themselves. Simply put, if we don’t love our self, we’re not successful.

So many people are unsuccessful because they have fallen unconscious. This is because they become complacent and fallen into a rut. This may be because they feel that they are forced to do what they don’t want to do. Then on the other hand, they believe that they can’t do what they want to do. We may say, many are stuck in an existence of resistance. This is resistance to change. Resistance to change causes conflict. Unresolved conflict tortures us and sabotages our growth. They have become are trapped, bound, imprisoned and enslaved as a victim of their circumstances. It has been said, that death is not the final collapse into the grave, more so it creeps into our life along the way, each moment that we are not fully alive. Hence, it just so happens, they are suffering painful emotions, fatigue and crippling pain. Maybe you know someone too who has somewhat withdrawn from life. As we truly love our-self, you will do what you love and when you do what you love you will love yourself. The way to ‘breakthrough to success’ is to ‘break’ the old sabotage patterns to allow you to do what you love and to love what you do. The key is being in integrity. It could be said that integration is about being more conscious about resolving conflicts. These topics are covered in much more detail in various segments; ‘How to Get what You want’, ‘Break-Thru to success’, ‘Conscious Creations’ and ‘How to Love Your Life!’

With ‘Life Coaching’ there is considerable emphasis on responsibility and accountability. It’s important to take self-responsibility for our wellbeing, our relationships, our success and failures. We may say that responsibility is the ability to respond rather than just suppress or react. Life-coaching is also very much about taking responsibility for nurturing our-self, to to allow our true nature to be expressed. It’s also about being supportive to others, to allow us all to express freely who we truly are without being too restricted. This may be facilitated through the practice of love. Love is embracing a deeper appreciation, acceptance and honoring the divinity of each individual. It’s said that ‘love’ is where healing begins. Much more about these concepts are covered throughout the Holistic lifestyle Coaching Course.

Awakening-Awareness Self-Development Course
The Awakening-Awareness’ course has evolved from a series of seminars presented in the early 90’s … called the ‘Aspirant’ and ‘Initiate’ training courses.

Awakening Awareness is about presenting an introduction in preparation for the next series of courses … with the main components of Self-Care, Self-Development and Holistic Healing Arts. The Awakening Awareness course is an ‘initiate’ course to help prepare ‘aspiriants’ to become more familiar with the philosophy, principals, concepts and terminology of the upcoming components of this life coaching course. An aspirant is one who ‘aspires’ to achieving something and an initiate is a beginner along the path. The Awakening Awareness course is to help gain an appreciation as to ‘why’ we would venture into these ‘life-coaching’ modalities. The Awakening Awareness course is to help ‘open our eyes’ to what’s happening and also what’s not happening in our world today. It’s to help gain an insight into what problems currently exist with our life in this world so that we’re better focused on what results to achieve. The Awakening Awareness course includes an introduction into ‘Chakras’. As well as acknowledging a tradition with the concept of appreciating the body as being energy – it’s also a valuable introduction to ancient eastern traditional philosophy.

There’s 2 parts to the Awakening Awareness’ course, each is of 16 week duration. The first part is a very gentle introduction whereas the 2nd part is more advanced. Upcoming in the 2nd part of the more advanced subjects of various health issues with their underlying causes, with an insight into what’s happening with ‘Orthodox Medicine’ verses the Natural approach to well-being. The aim of the Awakening Awareness course is to help us live a happier life in the modern world. These are interesting times. Our modern day world is an interesting ‘melting pot’ of many wide and varied influences such as with many mixed cultures, concepts and conditioning … with this, it’s showing-up both good and bad.  Just as one such example is with our food. We may have chinese dinner one night, Indian the next and Thai after that. Diversity can be a wonderful thing … if it’s well integrated. In the more advanced subjects of the Awakening Awareness’ course we’ll be looking more at such things as diversity, inspiration, integration and transformation.

The Awakening Awareness’ course is open by invitation only. Here’s your invitation to join us at the upcoming FREE 1 hour ‘Awakening-Awareness’ Life-Coaching seminar. I’ll be sharing ‘tips, tricks, tools & techniques’ with you for living a healthier and happier life in the modern world … plus you’ll also get heaps of bonuses for coming along & joining us. Please inquire when the next seminar is presented.

Who is this seminar for? … This seminar is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers and all seekers of an improved lifestyle …

We’ll be discussing;
Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World!
‘Achieve Better Results’ and ‘Live an Enhanced Life’
… with greater Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Happiness

You’ll learn …
How to Beat Stress, Pain & Fatigue – main areas that decrease the quality of our life.
How to Find, Ignite and Boost your Mojo – your special niche in life where you shine.

Also; Holistic Life-Style Coaching – for business, environmental, relationships and consciousness.

Plus many extra BONUSES including:
Online support with resources, forums, & FREE follow-up private consultation.
Also included is a comprehensive 100 page manual of resources and references.

Your presenter is Ron Bass – who is a Qualified Counsellor (Dip. Professional Counselling – AIPC) and  ‘Holistic’ Life-Style Coach.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming seminar or to book a private consultation please phone: (07) 5535 9833