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How Life-Coaching Can Help You

To improve our well-being we need to enhance our life-style.

The main reason of many illnesses is due to a poor lifestyle … so simply to improve our well-being we need to enhance our lifestyle. Sadly, so many people are not happy. Interestingly, so many people work hard all of their life just to look forward to retirement. Yet, then many are not well enough then to enjoy their life. Those who love their life and are happier and live more-so in the moment. In enhancing our lifestyle, here’s 4 basic aspects of life to consider.

The first important aspect is to have meaning. Some find find meaning in their work, others in their relationships, in having children, in worshiping their body or just relaxation. Also there’s religion, exploration or self-development just to name a few. Finding meaning in any of these can be a wonderful thing. However, sadly, so many people lack a meaningful purpose in life, hence are not enjoying living in the present moment. The art of living is about embracing a meaningful purpose. It’s what we do and the contribution we make to others that really counts.

Another important aspect is to have an open mind. If one is narrow minded, their life will also be limited. An open mind allows us to be more receptive to ideas and inspired by others. It allows us to be more adventurous. Adventures allows for expansion, growth and evolution. Success is about getting the right balance. Often it may be about transforming the old negative stories int more positive outcomes. Remember, we are all a part of the world. Yet, be aware to not be a slave to the system but rather look at how to be a creator.

Also, another important aspect is learning how to be more consciously creating our reality rather than just being a victim of circumstances. As we look at our life, the lives of those around us, our world, we need to realise how this is a reflection of our inner-self. It’s important to have clarity. Be aware not to get caught up too much in the superficial, trivial matters of the world. Rather than entrapment, being a slave to the system, learn how to more consciously create your ideal outcomes. Don’t just educate your-self to be financially rich, for safety and security. Learn how to be rich with adventure, happiness .

Lastly for this article, another important aspect of life is about finding balance. As well as work and exercise, remember to get your share of relaxation and happiness. Happiness, comes from a healthy balance between work and pleasure, between sacrifice and embracing the experiences that life has to offer. Just following conventional, orthodox patterns are likely to suppresses adventure. Repetition can cause a gradual loss of appreciation of the moment. Without adventure we’re not awake to appreciate being alive. Achievements are great, but only if it also includes adventure.

Life-Coaching has helped thousands around the world to live a better life. In general, those who have greater ‘self-awareness’ and ‘self-care’ and also embrace ‘self-development’ live a happier life. If you’re considering embarking upon ‘Life-Coaching’ to help enhance your lifestyle, health, wealth and happiness, here’s 4 basic aspects to consider.

Self-Awareness is the prelude to self-development. Basically, it’s about getting to know our-self. It’s about being awakened to our abilities, our capabilities and talents, Also about acknowledging our limitations. Along with greater self-awareness also comes enhanced self-acceptance. This may be considered an essential component of well-being.

Self-Care is essentially about loving yourself. Self-help is about self-responsibility, an essential component to wellness. It’s a very beautiful thing. This may help cultivate an enhanced sense of freedom, increase in self-worth, in dependence and self-esteem.

Self-Development is about the evolution of consciousness. It’s about educating our-self and realising our potential. Along with this, learning about cultivating self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence and sense of self-worth. Also, self-compassion, with being happy in our own company, and being aware of what motivates us.

Self-Mastery is about being the best version of our-self. To to this, requires us to about embrace the art of responsibility. success happens as we are exploring and realising our potential. We need to have a hunger for growth and hence at times learn how to feel comfortable with uncertainty. Facing our fears can be transformational. Self-mastery is about the ability to respond to situations rather than react. We respond with awareness and conscious choices. Being conscious of our observations, our various thoughts, intentions, choices and actions to them. The more we enrich our life, the more we can also help those around us.

An essential first step in developing self-mastery is to become an observer. Be aware of our thoughts and our inner dialogue. It’s very much like a commentary that attempts to make sense of the world. Then be aware of our emotions which may reflect the conflict between what we’re thinking and feeling. Then learn how to resolve the conflict between our inner and outer worlds. This will allow us to make clearer choices. Often, to do this we may need to resolve our past issues. Whist it may be healthy to reflect, it doesn’t help to be convicted by our past experiences. Hence self-mastery is about being able to be more in the present moment. Although at times, we may need to break-through the ‘Spectator-Syndrome’ by following the necessary action needed for growth.

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