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How’s Your NY Resolutions Going?

7 Reasons Why Your NY Resolutions Fail and How to Resolve Them

Interestingly so many new years resolutions fail, usually within just the first few days, Lets look at some of the most common reasons and then what to do about it.

For a start, sadly it’s a ritual that most people begin the new year with a massive hang-over. Let’s face it, what a way to set the scene for the year ahead? Symbolically, what we do the first day, lays down the blueprint for how the rest of the year will unfold. If we truly want a change for the better, we need to actually do something better. So, plan to start-off the new year with a great example of how the next 364 days will follow.

Another reason that so many people can’t evoke positive change is because they’re still holding on to the unresolved traumas of the past. If we haven’t learnt our lessons, the future will be based upon repeating our past failures. We’ll be just tripping back over the same old traps every day. Until we can clearly identify our problems, have learned our lessons, we can’t really let go and move ahead in a better direction.

Next, sadly so many people are stuck in a ‘mindset’. They’re sort-of hypnotised into a trance without even knowing so. They have many unconscious behavioral patterns and programs, determining how things will unfold for them. Hence, more-so as victim of circumstances, they’d rather blame others and have excuses as to why they’ve failed, than to take responsibility. So, to ‘break-free’ we need to take greater responsibility for becoming more aware of choosing how our life will be.

The fourth reason is that for many, sadly they’re not truly clear and motivated about their desires and passion for the future. Without clarity and tapping into the power of passion, most people simply stay stuck. So, learning how to ‘tap-into’ our innate wisdom and following our internal compass is an essential skill required for navigating our-self along our best path in life.

So many people just complain about so much and have a lack of appreciation for what we have. Hence, in focusing on just complaining, they lack the focus and creativity necessary to find solutions for a better life. We need to embrace an enhanced appreciation and gratitude for where we’ve been, how we are now and be ‘creative’ about the potential ahead for us.

The sixth reason is that so many people have bought ‘hook, line and sinker’ much of the illusion and trickery of this modern day and age. Many of the problems we suffer with now-a-days is due to so much unresolved conflict. It just so happens that while our body is attuned to the innate wisdom of nature, whereas our head has other ideas. To improve our life, we need to be willing to resolve this conflict between with our thoughts and feelings.

Now, this last reason, you may find initially a difficult to grasp, yet here it goes. Believe it or not, the 1st of January is not really the true beginning of the natural new year. You see, in many ways, we’ve been tricked. We’re living in some sort of time warp. Actually, once upon a time, for thousands of years our ancestors had always seen the ‘spring equinox’ as the true start of the new near. Then the Catholic church fabricated 1st of January to be the start of the new year.

Once upon a time, mankind was much more in tune with nature. Many ancient cultures honoured our natural cycles and celebrated natural events like to he equinox and solstice. As we align with nature, we may say in a way that the ‘spring equinox’ is akin to day-break. As we are a part of nature, we can really achieve much better results when we align our-self with nature. In these so called modern times however, there’s so many myths that have been bought into. However, the modern world has bought much trickery. One of these biggest illusions is the concept of our modern day western calendar.

Living with the Seasons

History tells us how, for thousands of years, our ancestors celebrated the spring equinox as the true start of the natural year. This was long before the Catholic church changed our calendar and then deemed the 1st of January as being the start of the new year.

As we change our relationship with time, obviously, this time-warp will cause much distortion and conflict within us. In this crazy mixed-up, modern day, even this truth will sound like a lie to the masses. Much of the modern day problems we suffer with are due to so much unresolved conflict. While our body is attuned and aligned to the innate wisdom of nature, our head has been conditioned to other crazy ideas. To improve our well-being, our success in life, we need to be willing to resolve this conflict between with our mind and body. To gain much better results, we need to be willing to re-align our-self to natures rhythms.

You can learn more about ‘Living with the Seasons’ in the ‘Awakening-Awareness’ component of the upcoming 2024 ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’.

Conflict Resolution

As mentioned, most ‘New-Year’ resolutions fail is because they have so much unresolved conflict. Much of this conflict is between our mind and body. Also between our head and heart, our subconscious and conscious mind and between us and nature. Hence much of this conflict causes various resistance and reaction patterns which are often called stress. The key to switching from ‘stress to success’ is to change these unconscious reactions to more conscious responses.

Consciousness is about cultivating more deliberate responses. This requires better communication with all aspects of the true nature our being. The closer we are to nature, the closer we are to the nature of our-self. Our subconscious mind runs much of the time on auto-pilot. It has a deep innate wisdom that we can tap-into.

We can’t consciously know everything that’s coming around the next corner towards us. Yet, our subconscious mind is very intuitive, instinctive and insightful. To be able to create what we truly desire we need to develop a good cohesive relationship with our subconscious mind. We could look at the subconscious mind as lock and our conscious mind as the key.

You can learn much more about this in the upcoming 2024 ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’. This course is about creative ways to help make your new years resolutions a reality … ‘How to turn your New-Years Resolutions around for the Better!’

The Holistic Life-style Mentoring Course

Sadly, too many people are suffering stress, pain and fatigue because they’re pushing against the grain. They’re stuck in unconscious resistance and reaction patterns rather than embracing responsibility for creating the life-style they truly desire.

The ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ is a fabulous way to turn your life around, to head in the right direction again. The ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ can help to make your new years resolutions a reality. The first segment of the course is about becoming more aware. This helps us to make better choices, in breaking-free from our unconscious behavioural patterns. This course begins in February 2024 and is essentially in 2 parts; ‘self-development’ and ‘self-care’. This course consists consists of 4 main components as follows;

Awakening Awareness

Awareness is the first step to consciousness. Essentially, awareness comprises two main components; being self awareness and world awareness. Self awareness looks more at our ‘inner’ awareness. Our inner awareness arises from self reflection and wisdom. World awareness looks at our seemingly ‘outer’ paradigm. It’s how we’re conditioned by our outer environment. Interestingly, as we become more aware, you may discover how the world that we see around us is a reflection of ourself. Similarly, we are a reflection of our environment. Hence, each is a ongoing reverberating, compounding reflection of each other. As such, we’re a combination product of both, ideally integrated as a whole. Although ideally integrated. However contrast and diversity can also enrich our life. Consciousness is the connection between our inner self and the outer world. ‘Awakening Awareness’ is the first component of the ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’.

How to Find Ignite & Boost Your Mojo

Sadly, most people spend most of their time doing what they hate and don’t have enough time to do what they truly love. Your ‘Mojo’ is your special ‘niche’ in life. It’s where you shine more than anyone else. You can learn more in the ‘Mojo-Mentoring’ component of the ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ i

Conscious Creations

This life-changing seminar is about developing a good cohesive relationship with our subconscious mind. When both our conscious and subconscious minds are working together, seemingly creating miracles. This is an integral component of the ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’

Ultra-Mind Dynamics

Our mind can be an amazingly powerful tool. However it may be either to our disadvantage. To make positive changes to turn our life around for the better we need to embrace responsibility rather than getting stuck in unconscious resistance and reaction patterns. This is another integral component of the ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’.

About the Author and Course Presenter

Ron Bass a fully qualified and experienced Naturopath, Counsellor, Life-Coach and Remedial Therapist. For over 30 years Ron has been helping people to get back on track. Ron presents the 2024 ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ as a valuable way to embrace positive change and to achieve desired goals.

Your Next Step

To find out more and to book for a private counselling consultation or for the upcoming 2024 ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ please phone (07) 5535 9833

Overcoming Overwhelm

Do you ever feel as if you are drowning in a sea of overwhelm? Stress is the underlying cause of most of our problems and one of the main causes of stress is overwhelm.

We’re feeling overwhelmed if there’s so much going on that we’re feeling out of control. If we’re in overwhelm for too long there’s a possibility that we are suffering from a syndrome called ‘sympathetic dominance’.

Sympathetic dominance is when the side of our nervous system concerned with fear, survival, stress, fight or flight becomes dominant and suppresses our parasympathetic side which allows for rest, digest, repair and reproductive functions.

Almost any trigger can activate an acute ‘fight or flight’ survival reaction. An acute, short term stress reaction can be perfectly normal as our way to attempt to restore balance. However, the problem is if our stress becomes locked-in for too long then we can also suffer the flow-on negative effects of chronic illness.

If we’re stuck in sympathetic dominance for too long it may start to negatively affect our health. In this chronic stage of sympathetic dominance it’s likely we would be suffering with a myriad of chronic stress-like symptoms such as neck and shoulder tension, difficulty in relaxing and yet feeling fatigued. Also, in chronic sympathetic dominance you may be suffering from various conditions such as various digestive issues, suppressed immune system, cardiovascular stress, dysfunctional reproductive system, also maybe difficulty with losing weight, sleep problems, etc. Basically, while stuck in sympathetic dominance, our body can’t rejuvenate and heal adequately and hence it can soon become a negative downward spiral.

In dealing with long term, sympathetic dominance, it’s best, as early as possible to look at all of the signs and symptoms, and seek to discover all of the possible triggers. We need to become more aware of how they are affecting us and then determine what functional strategies we can implement to regain control.

One cause of sympathetic dominance is ‘Adrenal Addiction’. For many people with an  ‘Adrenal Addiction’ they don’t feel alive unless they’re stressed. With this, they may often seek overwhelming situations to satisfy their addiction. From there being in sympathetic dominance starts to feel like the new normal.

Remember that when stress becomes chronic, it can become much more troublesome, for our own health and also for others . So many things are much easier to handle when only in the acute stage.

Inquire now about strategies that can help you with handling stress, overcoming overwhelm and managing sympathetic dominance. Ask about the special offers that’s available throughout October. To booking a private consultation phone 0755359833

The Perception-Projection Trap

A lady returns her husbands new glasses to the optometrists, complaining that her husband still doesn’t see things her way.

Have you ever noticed, that so many people so much of the time only see what they want to see? Whilst our thoughts, ideas, attitudes and beliefs may at times help us, often they also define our limitations.

The image above is known as Rubin’s vase. It’s from a famous set of ambiguous images of around 1915 by the Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin. These figures can offer a great insight into our perceptions. They may illustrate ways in which our perceptions become limited. More so, how we may then become entrapped in projecting our perceptions.

Here we briefly introduce this ‘Perception-Projection Trap’ concept and discuss it in some more depth in our membership site.

Awakening Awareness

Sadly, when most people become locked into a perspective, they become deeply entrenched, hypnotised or convicted by their beliefs. So much that they don’t think they can see any other way.

These fixed perceptions can be very limiting. Especially if they were initially restricted and distorted. Our world is forever changing and is rapidly and becoming more and more complex. Holding on to an old fixed, limited point of view can hold us back and sabotage us.

As we become locked into old limited beliefs we fall asleep. How do we awaken awareness to see more clearly, openly and creative.

The Question is the Answer

How Awake are you? Creating clarity is the key. Much clarity depends on the quality of our questions. A key to unravelling the Perception-Projection Trap is to ask good questions.

Remember, a calm lake has the best reflection. Yet a restless, disturbed mind lacks clarity. To see clearly, we need to cultivate a calm, reflective, crystal clear mind. To achieve this we need to ask questions on how to best manage our wellbeing, vitality and quality of life.

Creating Clarity

When we have a distorted perception of reality, we also then project a distorted reality. Hence this perpetuating cycle causes much more confusion, pain and suffering.

So much or our lack of clarity is due to overwhelm, when we have too much happening and incapable of gaining clarity. Is your stress and fatigue levels affecting the clarity of your perceptions. And how is this affecting the quality of your life?

Managing Stress

Much of our stress is about our poor perception of reality. If our perception is distorted, it may cause unhealthy conflict and disharmony. A distorted perspective can cause us to be erroneously triggered. Especially by things that are actually true. A clearer perception can help us to be more aligned with the truth.

We also need to learn how to boost our vitality. An enhanced vitality gives us greater capacity to handle the challenges in life. One key is to boost our kidney ‘Jing’. Take control of energy leaks with the ‘Zip-up’. You can learn this in a private consultation.

Dispelling Negative Beliefs

We can all have specific ‘Negative Core Beliefs that sabotage us in several ways. They can cause us to react in a way that’s counter-productive. Often, these reactions will have nothing to do with the situation at hand, but we’ve just got subconsciously ‘triggered’.

To unravel the ‘Perception-Projection Trap’ we need to also resolve our ‘Negative Core Beliefs’ and hence our subconscious triggers. This will give us greater freedom to see clearer and make better choices in life.

The World is Our Mirror

Anytime we get triggered with our ‘Negative Core Beliefs’ we’ve become trapped. Usually it’s because there’s something going on that’s not resolved. Actually, they may arise, not to hurt us, but as an opportunity for healing. It’s like our subconscious calling out to us. The more we can observe them and conscious deal with them, the creator clarity we can achieve.

Remember, our perception of reality is our choice. This in turn determines the projection of our reality. It’s a two way mirror. How we then choose to promote our thoughts, behavior and beliefs onto others, is often how we’re perceived in return.

Holistic Perspectives

The pivot point between our inner and outer world is our choice. It’s what we choose to perceive and then how we decide to project our perception.

A ‘holistic’ approach looks at things from all sides. Once we gain a ‘holistic’ perspective and become ‘whole’ we’re free from the Perception-Projection Trap.

Some Examples

It just so happens, nowadays there’s so many illusions. We’ve taken so much as being true when it’s not. We may see this in many areas. As an example in areas such as how our history, money issues, law, science, health, just to name a few.

Some Tools

Remember, our world is what we think it is. As we change our thoughts we also change our world. Much of our thoughts we take on from others as if they are true. So, ask yourself, ‘what am I perceiving?’ … also, ‘what am I projecting?’ … ‘who does this thought belong to? … and what am I perceiving as mine that isn’t?

Clarity Counselling

This is a great way to enhance both our inner-reflection and hence gain greater clarity about our future vision. It includes the 2 step ‘Perception-Projection Process’ which is both a verbally guided visualisation and a amazingly relaxing ‘hands-on’ holding of points around the eyes.

Inquire about this counselling for ‘conflict resolution’ to help create clarity. Learn more tools for unravelling the ‘Perception-Projection Trap’.

To book Ron Bass for private counselling  phone 0755359833

It’s Your Choice

Remember, we all have certain choices … so it’s your choice how you manage your life!

How much responsibility do you take for your own life?

So many people, stay stuck in the ‘big-daddy syndrome’ and as such, don’t care much about them-self. For many, their attitude is that if they get into trouble, get sick, ‘the big-daddy’ government, big pharma and the medico’s will take care of them. However, if you really reflect, how much do they really care about your-self, your wellbeing and your life?

Your Health – Your Choice

Although it seems that our choices in healthcare is becoming increasingly under threat, we still have many freedoms. With healthcare, we have many options, especially if we allow our-self to be creative. It seems on one hand there’s so much happening to limit our choices however on the other hand there’s also many new opportunities available. As an example, there’s been attempts to restrict various ‘natural therapies’ educational courses, however there’s also many new ‘life-coaching’ options available!

Be Aware of Control!

Basically, with some research, you may find how the likes of big pharma, medicos, etc., various lobby groups continue with their attempts to influence limitations on our health choices. Typically, they say, their excuses are that there is no evidence that natural therapies are effective. Hence, you’ll find that the government is using this to justify restricting your choice in healthcare.

We Have Rights

Despite how the governments, world-wide, World Health Organisation (WHO), etc,. are ignoring available positive scientific evidence we still have rights about our own healthcare. You may be asking, how can we do this in such a suppressive environment? This is why, a vital component of good wellbeing is self-empowerment.

Remember Who You Are

As crazy as it may sound, so many people have lost their identity. Sadly, they’re so conditioned, they’ve forgotten who they really are. Remember, a large aspect of our wellbeing is about our mental attitude, or emotional wellbeing, our environment and our lifestyle. To learn more, get on board with our free, ‘Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Course’.

To find out more, contact me with a referral, to get a password and then register to become a member at:

Managing Aches & Pains

It’s generally considered that our various aches and pains are just concerned with our muscles, bones and joints. This is what we call the musculoskeletal (Msk) system. However, the underlying cause of many of these aches and pain that we experience so often stems much deeper than this.

As an example, a very common area of concern is our various joints. These may include either ligaments or tendons. Here, we see typically see various types of arthritis, inflammation, repetitive strain injury, etc. While many may say that these conditions are simply related to various injuries or old age, it’s not always necessarily so.

Sure, from time to time our various tissues can be damaged with various traumas, such as aggressive jerking movements and direct blows from accidents with falls causing fractures, sprains and dislocations, and so on. Also, keep in mind, other causes may include the likes of poor postural strain, restricted repetitive movements, prolonged  overuse or immobilization. Such changes in posture or poor body mechanics may also  bring about muscle imbalances, then spinal misalignment, eventually causing aches and pain.

Our first indication that something is wrong is often pain. Yet, if we’re in great health, ideally our body tissues should repair fairly quickly. However, the reason that so many traumas don’t heal well is because of various related underlying poor health issues.

It’s said that seven-eights of the iceberg is under the water. As an analogy, like-wise with most musculoskeletal complaints, the underlying cause is due to other unresolved health issues. There’s typically a network of correlations, related to various nerves, organs, bodily functions and associated behaviours.

This month I’m presenting an online webinar: ‘Addressing the Underlying Causes of Common Musculoskeletal Conditions’. Here we address four of the most common areas that so many people complain about; stiff neck & shoulders, lower back pain, arthritis and osteoporosis … also poor posture, fibromyalgia and other associated conditions.

During this online event I’ll be discussing the most common underlying unresolved systemic conditions and associated thoughts and emotions that’s typically considered to be correlated with these conditions along with some recommendation as to what to do to help handle it.


Who cares about ‘reflection’ says ‘Harry the Hamster’ – peddling away at full speed on his hamster wheel. 

Time for Reflection
Most people, most of the time are so actively seeking something else, outside of them-self, that they are not quiet enough to actually see them-self. There’s certain times that’s ideal for reflection. As an example, at the end of each day. Also, autumn is the ideal season of reflection.

Reflection is about being in a more passive phase. In this relaxing phase, we’re more-so quietly reviewing upon how things appear as a reflection of who we are.  To see something for how it really is, we need to become more of a silent witness, to be still to observe and reflect.

The Power of Reflection
Everything in this world has many aspects. We may see the polarisation of day and night, and the many active and passive phases of nature. For everything that seems apparent, there’s also another less obvious side. These are the hidden aspects, we’ve failed to observe. Yet, as we can embrace an overall perspective of all things, we may become  clearer about who we are and how we relate to the world around us. Hence, we become more whole. Embracing a ‘holistic’ perspective can help to resolve many conflicts in our life.

Re-evaluation allows us to step back and see our-self from a different perspective. Most problems are due to conflict. Most conflict is from only seeing just one isolated perspective. However, everything in this world has many aspects. We may awaken to realisations as we review those various different aspects of our life. Maybe we may realise what has been working for us and those parts that haven’t been working for us.
This re-evaluation gives us the opportunity to change these parts of our for the better.

Tis the Season of Transformation
Most people usually consider that Autumn is just that season of transition from summer to winter. It’s typically when the temperature starts to cool down a little, the daylight gradually becomes a little shorter and the nights longer. It’s when the trees start to loose their leaves again. Yet, in essence, Autumn actually means much more than that.

Living with the Seasons
As we are a part of nature, also the cycles of the seasons are within us. Yet, now-a-days, most people are just so busy, pounding away on the treadmill at full speed, they barely slow down to take notice of these cycles. The quality of our life reflects how well we care about our-self. This in turn, reflects our our relationship with nature. Simply put, if we don’t care about our relationship with nature, hence the true nature of our-self, we’re not loving our-self..

Most people tend to think that the more resources they can accumulate, the more powerful they become. Yet, transformation is much more about letting-go. Autumn is the season of letting-go. As we let-go, we transform. Each time, as we reflect, we bring the past closer to the present. As we re-connect, it allows us to resolve and integrate these issues that s’s being holding us back in the past. As we’re more integrated, we’re more living in the present moment.

Beyond Balance
Autumn is half way between the peak and lowest aspect of the year. As a way to reflect upon this, we may see, just as 6pm is half way between day and night. This is the transitional time to take a moment and pay our respects to the passing day and the impending dark. Much more than just the time of balance, it’s the culmination of power of how these two forces come together. More-so than merely a meeting, it’s about the  integration of these aspects of nature and our-self. Hence, Autumn is the season to reflect and integrate the many aspects of our-self to so as we may emerge more powerful than before.

From reflection comes wisdom. Autumn is also the magical season of maturity and wisdom. In ‘Traditional Oriental Medicine’, Autumn correlates with the element ‘metal’, which is about conductivity, giving and receiving, letting-go and change. It’s about reflection in our ‘maturity’ phase. From this comes wisdom, revelations, empowerment, and growth!

Transformation of Consciousness
Once Autumn arrives, traditionally, it’s the time to gather the harvests from summer and determine what is needed for the upcoming hibernation of winter. To help get things in perspective, let’s compare the whole year to a day. We may consider autumn as being the late afternoon to early evening period of each day. At this time of day, it’s the ideal time to reflect upon the daily activities, to evaluate how well we did, and maybe to learn our lessons in preparation for the next days adventures.

Celebration time
To honour the end of an era is a great time to celebrate. Like-wise, we may consider Autumn as the end of the active phase of the year. Perhaps this is also the ideal season to take part in celebrations. Take this opportunity to be grateful for what you’ve achieved since spring. As we reflect, we may contemplate and be grateful for what we have. This will also prepare us for the up-coming seasons.

Autumn is the season when the buzzing activity of summer dies down and the excitement of life outdoors begins to relax into the more evenly paced, more predictable rhythm of fall. Reflect upon ways you may re-connect more to your inner-self.  This is the time to contemplate how to go more within. Maybe, practice meditate or do more gentle exercises like ‘Tai-chi’ or ‘Yoga’. Find your ‘inner-balance’, in much the same way that the external world finds its balance on the Autumn equinox.

Self growth and development is much about gaining a greater appreciation and gratitude of who we are and how we’re connected to the various aspects of our-self and our life.  Remember, Autumn the season of balance and reflection, following the theme of equal hours light and dark. It’s also the time of giving thanks for all that we have. Traditionally, it may have been seen as for the harvest of crops. In these modern times, it may also be about having gratitude for the abundance of also other blessings.

Practical Tips
Consider some practical ways you can celebrate the essence of Autumn. Take some time to sit beside water, a lake pond or river and to reflect upon nature. Find ways to re-connect with nature, such as with bush walks. is day of bounty and abundance. Autumn is the season to get rid of any emotional baggage you’re dragging around with you. Accept that there are darker aspects to life, and embrace them, but don’t let them rule you. Appreciate ways that a healthy life finds balance in all things. Practice meditating on balance, opening to see other aspects of life that were no previously so apparent. Also, remember to count our blessings.

Learn More 
You can learn more about ‘Living with the Seasons’ in the upcoming ‘Awakening Awareness’ seminar which is the introduction of the ‘Holistic Life-style Mentoring ‘ course. For the full article – please register to become a member – & log-in the members site

Also, to find out more – come along and join us for the free seminar: ‘Awakening-Awareness’ – to book – please click here –

Lets Talk

Welcome to Counselling – Gold Coast – a service to help with enhancing Self-Confidence, Self-Development, Self-Esteem and Self-Empowerment … for being the best we can be!

Lets Talk! … with a series of counselling techniques to help facilitate ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Stress Management’, ‘Decision-Making’ ‘Relationship Issues’ and ‘Crises-Support’ to assist with improved outcomes such as clarity, focus and enhanced performance.

With 20 years with practicing various counselling modalities, I’ve observed how so many  problems are due to stress, and so much stress is due a poor lifestyle. So, to help resolve many issues, we need to address our stress levels and look at ways to enhance our lifestyle. Hence, I recommend life-style coaching. 

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Now-a days, with so many people suffering excessive stress, along with this is also a poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, caffeine dependency, tobacco and alcohol addiction, etc. … hence there’s such a big need for a lifestyle change.

Our society has seen such vast changes in the last few decades. However, not all of these changes are ideal for us. As some examples, we can see such significant changes in our food, technology, entertainment, our expectations, attitudes and behaviour and our daily activities.

Unfortunately, in so many cases, these rapid changes in our lifestyle have contributed largely to the emergence of various problems. Some of these are such as fatigue, pain, stress and anxiety. However, a problem is that since these conditions creep up so gradually, most people don’t see any urgency to face them.

The big problem is that now-a-days, most people just want a quick fix, preferably just taking a pill. However, one of the best ways to take care of these chronic conditions is to modify our lifestyle choices. Lifestyle coaching is ideally, a multidisciplinary approach, made-up by embracing many different modalities. To be successful, it’s essential to identify and manage the underlying ’cause of the cause’ of these various chronic diseases. A big part of this successful management, many times requires much investigation and motivation at modifying our ‘lifestyle choices’.

Although maybe well intended, a major problem is that unfortunately many practitioners are not really well set-up for tackling these issues. This is mostly due to a lack of insight, skill, time and resources for dealing with addressing the complexity of these lifestyle issues. More often, with lifestyle coaching requires a deeper practitioner-client relationship discussion for any meaningful change.

Lifestyle Coaching is a fairly new, yet booming profession. Over the last few years, specialists in the medical fraternity have also started adopting ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ it as much as they can. They’re now quiet actively promoting ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ … and it’s gaining worldwide momentum among these band of specialists.

Many clients worldwide have expressed how they’ve benefited, as lifestyle related problems have been managed through appropriate modifications. In life-style coaching, often to make the necessary changes in our life, it may be required to make a considerable commitment, to be dedicated at addressing in depth the underlying ’cause-of-the-cause’ of our various issues, such as subconscious sabotage patterns. Hence, a life-style approach may sometimes need a little ‘soul-searching’ and the deeper we delve the higher we can climb.

Ideally, life-style’ coaching will be drawn from a wide array of disciplines. Maybe with integrating both the east and western approaches, ancient wisdom and modern science. To gain successful and sustainable results, ‘life-style’ coaching should embrace many facets. As an example, from the likes of awareness of our mindset, motivational factors, environmental awareness, behavioural awareness and dietary considerations, relationships … plus much more.  Successful life-style coaching also requires much support. Ideally, the whole program would include a combination of consultations, seminars, workshops, courses, online resouces, etc.

In summary, life-style coaching would ideally embrace a holistic approach. Ideally including a wide range of modalities, presented over a broad range of formats. In life-style coaching we need to remember, the WHO definition of health, which basically explains that it’s about complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely just the the absence of disease. Great life-style coaching is about learning how to care for yourself better … and discover more about yourself along the path.

An Intro to the Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Course. 

Life coaching is about awakening awareness. One aspect of awakening awareness is about being more open-minded  and in having a wider perspective about our self and the world we live in. Awareness is the prelude to consciousness. We cannot have consciousness without awareness. Our life is a reflection of our consciousness.  Awareness is different to consciousness. Awareness is how our senses perceive our physical reality. Consciousness is about what choices we make. The more conscious of the unconscious we are, the more conscious we become. It’s about being aware and recognising our unconscious aspects. I venture into these concepts in much more detail in the ‘Awakening-awareness’ series of seminars.

Stress, Pain & Fatigue
The major reason people seek the help of a practitioner is because of stress, pain and fatigue. Many health complaints arise when the discomfort, aches and pain becomes greater than the perceived ability to keep resisting the various signs and symptoms. However, these signs and symptoms are merely the tip of the iceberg. Even so, stress, pain and fatigue is also the underlying cause of so many situations, such as accidents, injuries, conflicts, disputes, relationship breakdowns and generally a poor quality of life.

Consider some of the ways in which people attempt to cope with these modern day ailments. Some of the most common self medications are alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sweets, sex, drugs, masturbation, television, sleep, exercise and holiday escapes. These are merely ways to pacify the symptoms, but don’t necessarily take care of the underlying real problem. Many people spend so much of their time and effort suppressing their true feelings and emotions. As they suffer the symptoms of stress, pain and fatigue, it’s gradually becoming obvious to many that what they’ve been doing for so long just doesn’t work. There comes a time when enough is enough, when it’s time for change. Life coaching is about cultivating more functional ways to manage our various issues in life.

Relativity, basically looks at how, in some way, everything is relative to something else. Hence, for every seemingly negative aspect, there is also a relative positive side. The brightness of the day can only be recognised relative to the darkness of the night. Our spirit and soul are in a relationship. Spirit is that masculine driving force that lifts us, inspires us and moves us. Our soul is our very essence, our most inner core, the seed which holds our potential. Much more about relativity, relationships and sexuality is covered in the ‘Spiritual Sexuality’ components of the Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course.

Break-Thru to Success
Success will mean many different things, at different times to different people. It may be said that is freedom, is to be able to be, do, have, create and destroy as we wish. Simply put, we could say that success, ultimately is very much about loving your life, loving who you are and what you do. If you are not doing what you love, than what are you doing? To be successful, we need to awaken out of complacency. We need to break free from the shackles, that are holding us back. Success is created by the choices that we make. Our life is a reflection of our consciousness. If we fall unconscious, we fail to reach our full potential. Most people are not successful because they don’t love what they’re doing. Therefore, they don’t love their life. It just so happens, our life is a reflection of who we are. Hence, they don’t love themselves. Simply put, if we don’t love our self, we’re not successful.

So many people are unsuccessful because they have fallen unconscious. This is because they become complacent and fallen into a rut. This may be because they feel that they are forced to do what they don’t want to do. Then on the other hand, they believe that they can’t do what they want to do. We may say, many are stuck in an existence of resistance. This is resistance to change. Resistance to change causes conflict. Unresolved conflict tortures us and sabotages our growth. They have become are trapped, bound, imprisoned and enslaved as a victim of their circumstances. It has been said, that death is not the final collapse into the grave, more so it creeps into our life along the way, each moment that we are not fully alive. Hence, it just so happens, they are suffering painful emotions, fatigue and crippling pain. Maybe you know someone too who has somewhat withdrawn from life. As we truly love our-self, you will do what you love and when you do what you love you will love yourself. The way to ‘breakthrough to success’ is to ‘break’ the old sabotage patterns to allow you to do what you love and to love what you do. The key is being in integrity. It could be said that integration is about being more conscious about resolving conflicts. These topics are covered in much more detail in various segments; ‘How to Get what You want’, ‘Break-Thru to success’, ‘Conscious Creations’ and ‘How to Love Your Life!’

With ‘Life Coaching’ there is considerable emphasis on responsibility and accountability. It’s important to take self-responsibility for our wellbeing, our relationships, our success and failures. We may say that responsibility is the ability to respond rather than just suppress or react. Life-coaching is also very much about taking responsibility for nurturing our-self, to to allow our true nature to be expressed. It’s also about being supportive to others, to allow us all to express freely who we truly are without being too restricted. This may be facilitated through the practice of love. Love is embracing a deeper appreciation, acceptance and honoring the divinity of each individual. It’s said that ‘love’ is where healing begins. Much more about these concepts are covered throughout the Holistic lifestyle Coaching Course.

Awakening-Awareness Self-Development Course
The Awakening-Awareness’ course has evolved from a series of seminars presented in the early 90’s … called the ‘Aspirant’ and ‘Initiate’ training courses.

Awakening Awareness is about presenting an introduction in preparation for the next series of courses … with the main components of Self-Care, Self-Development and Holistic Healing Arts. The Awakening Awareness course is an ‘initiate’ course to help prepare ‘aspiriants’ to become more familiar with the philosophy, principals, concepts and terminology of the upcoming components of this life coaching course. An aspirant is one who ‘aspires’ to achieving something and an initiate is a beginner along the path. The Awakening Awareness course is to help gain an appreciation as to ‘why’ we would venture into these ‘life-coaching’ modalities. The Awakening Awareness course is to help ‘open our eyes’ to what’s happening and also what’s not happening in our world today. It’s to help gain an insight into what problems currently exist with our life in this world so that we’re better focused on what results to achieve. The Awakening Awareness course includes an introduction into ‘Chakras’. As well as acknowledging a tradition with the concept of appreciating the body as being energy – it’s also a valuable introduction to ancient eastern traditional philosophy.

There’s 2 parts to the Awakening Awareness’ course, each is of 16 week duration. The first part is a very gentle introduction whereas the 2nd part is more advanced. Upcoming in the 2nd part of the more advanced subjects of various health issues with their underlying causes, with an insight into what’s happening with ‘Orthodox Medicine’ verses the Natural approach to well-being. The aim of the Awakening Awareness course is to help us live a happier life in the modern world. These are interesting times. Our modern day world is an interesting ‘melting pot’ of many wide and varied influences such as with many mixed cultures, concepts and conditioning … with this, it’s showing-up both good and bad.  Just as one such example is with our food. We may have chinese dinner one night, Indian the next and Thai after that. Diversity can be a wonderful thing … if it’s well integrated. In the more advanced subjects of the Awakening Awareness’ course we’ll be looking more at such things as diversity, inspiration, integration and transformation.

The Awakening Awareness’ course is open by invitation only. Here’s your invitation to join us at the upcoming FREE 1 hour ‘Awakening-Awareness’ Life-Coaching seminar. I’ll be sharing ‘tips, tricks, tools & techniques’ with you for living a healthier and happier life in the modern world … plus you’ll also get heaps of bonuses for coming along & joining us. Please inquire when the next seminar is presented.

Who is this seminar for? … This seminar is ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, managers and all seekers of an improved lifestyle …

We’ll be discussing;
Solutions for Living a Happier Life in the Modern World!
‘Achieve Better Results’ and ‘Live an Enhanced Life’
… with greater Health, Wealth, Wisdom & Happiness

You’ll learn …
How to Beat Stress, Pain & Fatigue – main areas that decrease the quality of our life.
How to Find, Ignite and Boost your Mojo – your special niche in life where you shine.

Also; Holistic Life-Style Coaching – for business, environmental, relationships and consciousness.

Plus many extra BONUSES including:
Online support with resources, forums, & FREE follow-up private consultation.
Also included is a comprehensive 100 page manual of resources and references.

Your presenter is Ron Bass – who is a Qualified Counsellor (Dip. Professional Counselling – AIPC) and  ‘Holistic’ Life-Style Coach.

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