How’s Your NY Resolutions Going?

7 Reasons Why Your NY Resolutions Fail and How to Resolve Them

Interestingly so many new years resolutions fail, usually within just the first few days, Lets look at some of the most common reasons and then what to do about it.

For a start, sadly it’s a ritual that most people begin the new year with a massive hang-over. Let’s face it, what a way to set the scene for the year ahead? Symbolically, what we do the first day, lays down the blueprint for how the rest of the year will unfold. If we truly want a change for the better, we need to actually do something better. So, plan to start-off the new year with a great example of how the next 364 days will follow.

Another reason that so many people can’t evoke positive change is because they’re still holding on to the unresolved traumas of the past. If we haven’t learnt our lessons, the future will be based upon repeating our past failures. We’ll be just tripping back over the same old traps every day. Until we can clearly identify our problems, have learned our lessons, we can’t really let go and move ahead in a better direction.

Next, sadly so many people are stuck in a ‘mindset’. They’re sort-of hypnotised into a trance without even knowing so. They have many unconscious behavioral patterns and programs, determining how things will unfold for them. Hence, more-so as victim of circumstances, they’d rather blame others and have excuses as to why they’ve failed, than to take responsibility. So, to ‘break-free’ we need to take greater responsibility for becoming more aware of choosing how our life will be.

The fourth reason is that for many, sadly they’re not truly clear and motivated about their desires and passion for the future. Without clarity and tapping into the power of passion, most people simply stay stuck. So, learning how to ‘tap-into’ our innate wisdom and following our internal compass is an essential skill required for navigating our-self along our best path in life.

So many people just complain about so much and have a lack of appreciation for what we have. Hence, in focusing on just complaining, they lack the focus and creativity necessary to find solutions for a better life. We need to embrace an enhanced appreciation and gratitude for where we’ve been, how we are now and be ‘creative’ about the potential ahead for us.

The sixth reason is that so many people have bought ‘hook, line and sinker’ much of the illusion and trickery of this modern day and age. Many of the problems we suffer with now-a-days is due to so much unresolved conflict. It just so happens that while our body is attuned to the innate wisdom of nature, whereas our head has other ideas. To improve our life, we need to be willing to resolve this conflict between with our thoughts and feelings.

Now, this last reason, you may find initially a difficult to grasp, yet here it goes. Believe it or not, the 1st of January is not really the true beginning of the natural new year. You see, in many ways, we’ve been tricked. We’re living in some sort of time warp. Actually, once upon a time, for thousands of years our ancestors had always seen the ‘spring equinox’ as the true start of the new near. Then the Catholic church fabricated 1st of January to be the start of the new year.

Once upon a time, mankind was much more in tune with nature. Many ancient cultures honoured our natural cycles and celebrated natural events like to he equinox and solstice. As we align with nature, we may say in a way that the ‘spring equinox’ is akin to day-break. As we are a part of nature, we can really achieve much better results when we align our-self with nature. In these so called modern times however, there’s so many myths that have been bought into. However, the modern world has bought much trickery. One of these biggest illusions is the concept of our modern day western calendar.

Living with the Seasons

History tells us how, for thousands of years, our ancestors celebrated the spring equinox as the true start of the natural year. This was long before the Catholic church changed our calendar and then deemed the 1st of January as being the start of the new year.

As we change our relationship with time, obviously, this time-warp will cause much distortion and conflict within us. In this crazy mixed-up, modern day, even this truth will sound like a lie to the masses. Much of the modern day problems we suffer with are due to so much unresolved conflict. While our body is attuned and aligned to the innate wisdom of nature, our head has been conditioned to other crazy ideas. To improve our well-being, our success in life, we need to be willing to resolve this conflict between with our mind and body. To gain much better results, we need to be willing to re-align our-self to natures rhythms.

You can learn more about ‘Living with the Seasons’ in the ‘Awakening-Awareness’ component of the upcoming 2024 ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’.

Conflict Resolution

As mentioned, most ‘New-Year’ resolutions fail is because they have so much unresolved conflict. Much of this conflict is between our mind and body. Also between our head and heart, our subconscious and conscious mind and between us and nature. Hence much of this conflict causes various resistance and reaction patterns which are often called stress. The key to switching from ‘stress to success’ is to change these unconscious reactions to more conscious responses.

Consciousness is about cultivating more deliberate responses. This requires better communication with all aspects of the true nature our being. The closer we are to nature, the closer we are to the nature of our-self. Our subconscious mind runs much of the time on auto-pilot. It has a deep innate wisdom that we can tap-into.

We can’t consciously know everything that’s coming around the next corner towards us. Yet, our subconscious mind is very intuitive, instinctive and insightful. To be able to create what we truly desire we need to develop a good cohesive relationship with our subconscious mind. We could look at the subconscious mind as lock and our conscious mind as the key.

You can learn much more about this in the upcoming 2024 ‘Holistic Lifestyle Mentoring Course’. This course is about creative ways to help make your new years resolutions a reality … ‘How to turn your New-Years Resolutions around for the Better!’

The Holistic Life-style Mentoring Course

Sadly, too many people are suffering stress, pain and fatigue because they’re pushing against the grain. They’re stuck in unconscious resistance and reaction patterns rather than embracing responsibility for creating the life-style they truly desire.

The ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ is a fabulous way to turn your life around, to head in the right direction again. The ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ can help to make your new years resolutions a reality. The first segment of the course is about becoming more aware. This helps us to make better choices, in breaking-free from our unconscious behavioural patterns. This course begins in February 2024 and is essentially in 2 parts; ‘self-development’ and ‘self-care’. This course consists consists of 4 main components as follows;

Awakening Awareness

Awareness is the first step to consciousness. Essentially, awareness comprises two main components; being self awareness and world awareness. Self awareness looks more at our ‘inner’ awareness. Our inner awareness arises from self reflection and wisdom. World awareness looks at our seemingly ‘outer’ paradigm. It’s how we’re conditioned by our outer environment. Interestingly, as we become more aware, you may discover how the world that we see around us is a reflection of ourself. Similarly, we are a reflection of our environment. Hence, each is a ongoing reverberating, compounding reflection of each other. As such, we’re a combination product of both, ideally integrated as a whole. Although ideally integrated. However contrast and diversity can also enrich our life. Consciousness is the connection between our inner self and the outer world. ‘Awakening Awareness’ is the first component of the ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’.

How to Find Ignite & Boost Your Mojo

Sadly, most people spend most of their time doing what they hate and don’t have enough time to do what they truly love. Your ‘Mojo’ is your special ‘niche’ in life. It’s where you shine more than anyone else. You can learn more in the ‘Mojo-Mentoring’ component of the ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ i

Conscious Creations

This life-changing seminar is about developing a good cohesive relationship with our subconscious mind. When both our conscious and subconscious minds are working together, seemingly creating miracles. This is an integral component of the ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’

Ultra-Mind Dynamics

Our mind can be an amazingly powerful tool. However it may be either to our disadvantage. To make positive changes to turn our life around for the better we need to embrace responsibility rather than getting stuck in unconscious resistance and reaction patterns. This is another integral component of the ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’.

About the Author and Course Presenter

Ron Bass a fully qualified and experienced Naturopath, Counsellor, Life-Coach and Remedial Therapist. For over 30 years Ron has been helping people to get back on track. Ron presents the 2024 ‘Holistic Life-Style Mentoring Course’ as a valuable way to embrace positive change and to achieve desired goals.

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