Overcoming Overwhelm

Do you ever feel as if you are drowning in a sea of overwhelm? Stress is the underlying cause of most of our problems and one of the main causes of stress is overwhelm.

We’re feeling overwhelmed if there’s so much going on that we’re feeling out of control. If we’re in overwhelm for too long there’s a possibility that we are suffering from a syndrome called ‘sympathetic dominance’.

Sympathetic dominance is when the side of our nervous system concerned with fear, survival, stress, fight or flight becomes dominant and suppresses our parasympathetic side which allows for rest, digest, repair and reproductive functions.

Almost any trigger can activate an acute ‘fight or flight’ survival reaction. An acute, short term stress reaction can be perfectly normal as our way to attempt to restore balance. However, the problem is if our stress becomes locked-in for too long then we can also suffer the flow-on negative effects of chronic illness.

If we’re stuck in sympathetic dominance for too long it may start to negatively affect our health. In this chronic stage of sympathetic dominance it’s likely we would be suffering with a myriad of chronic stress-like symptoms such as neck and shoulder tension, difficulty in relaxing and yet feeling fatigued. Also, in chronic sympathetic dominance you may be suffering from various conditions such as various digestive issues, suppressed immune system, cardiovascular stress, dysfunctional reproductive system, also maybe difficulty with losing weight, sleep problems, etc. Basically, while stuck in sympathetic dominance, our body can’t rejuvenate and heal adequately and hence it can soon become a negative downward spiral.

In dealing with long term, sympathetic dominance, it’s best, as early as possible to look at all of the signs and symptoms, and seek to discover all of the possible triggers. We need to become more aware of how they are affecting us and then determine what functional strategies we can implement to regain control.

One cause of sympathetic dominance is ‘Adrenal Addiction’. For many people with an  ‘Adrenal Addiction’ they don’t feel alive unless they’re stressed. With this, they may often seek overwhelming situations to satisfy their addiction. From there being in sympathetic dominance starts to feel like the new normal.

Remember that when stress becomes chronic, it can become much more troublesome, for our own health and also for others . So many things are much easier to handle when only in the acute stage.

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