The Perception-Projection Trap

A lady returns her husbands new glasses to the optometrists, complaining that her husband still doesn’t see things her way.

Have you ever noticed, that so many people so much of the time only see what they want to see? Whilst our thoughts, ideas, attitudes and beliefs may at times help us, often they also define our limitations.

The image above is known as Rubin’s vase. It’s from a famous set of ambiguous images of around 1915 by the Danish psychologist Edgar Rubin. These figures can offer a great insight into our perceptions. They may illustrate ways in which our perceptions become limited. More so, how we may then become entrapped in projecting our perceptions.

Here we briefly introduce this ‘Perception-Projection Trap’ concept and discuss it in some more depth in our membership site.

Awakening Awareness

Sadly, when most people become locked into a perspective, they become deeply entrenched, hypnotised or convicted by their beliefs. So much that they don’t think they can see any other way.

These fixed perceptions can be very limiting. Especially if they were initially restricted and distorted. Our world is forever changing and is rapidly and becoming more and more complex. Holding on to an old fixed, limited point of view can hold us back and sabotage us.

As we become locked into old limited beliefs we fall asleep. How do we awaken awareness to see more clearly, openly and creative.

The Question is the Answer

How Awake are you? Creating clarity is the key. Much clarity depends on the quality of our questions. A key to unravelling the Perception-Projection Trap is to ask good questions.

Remember, a calm lake has the best reflection. Yet a restless, disturbed mind lacks clarity. To see clearly, we need to cultivate a calm, reflective, crystal clear mind. To achieve this we need to ask questions on how to best manage our wellbeing, vitality and quality of life.

Creating Clarity

When we have a distorted perception of reality, we also then project a distorted reality. Hence this perpetuating cycle causes much more confusion, pain and suffering.

So much or our lack of clarity is due to overwhelm, when we have too much happening and incapable of gaining clarity. Is your stress and fatigue levels affecting the clarity of your perceptions. And how is this affecting the quality of your life?

Managing Stress

Much of our stress is about our poor perception of reality. If our perception is distorted, it may cause unhealthy conflict and disharmony. A distorted perspective can cause us to be erroneously triggered. Especially by things that are actually true. A clearer perception can help us to be more aligned with the truth.

We also need to learn how to boost our vitality. An enhanced vitality gives us greater capacity to handle the challenges in life. One key is to boost our kidney ‘Jing’. Take control of energy leaks with the ‘Zip-up’. You can learn this in a private consultation.

Dispelling Negative Beliefs

We can all have specific ‘Negative Core Beliefs that sabotage us in several ways. They can cause us to react in a way that’s counter-productive. Often, these reactions will have nothing to do with the situation at hand, but we’ve just got subconsciously ‘triggered’.

To unravel the ‘Perception-Projection Trap’ we need to also resolve our ‘Negative Core Beliefs’ and hence our subconscious triggers. This will give us greater freedom to see clearer and make better choices in life.

The World is Our Mirror

Anytime we get triggered with our ‘Negative Core Beliefs’ we’ve become trapped. Usually it’s because there’s something going on that’s not resolved. Actually, they may arise, not to hurt us, but as an opportunity for healing. It’s like our subconscious calling out to us. The more we can observe them and conscious deal with them, the creator clarity we can achieve.

Remember, our perception of reality is our choice. This in turn determines the projection of our reality. It’s a two way mirror. How we then choose to promote our thoughts, behavior and beliefs onto others, is often how we’re perceived in return.

Holistic Perspectives

The pivot point between our inner and outer world is our choice. It’s what we choose to perceive and then how we decide to project our perception.

A ‘holistic’ approach looks at things from all sides. Once we gain a ‘holistic’ perspective and become ‘whole’ we’re free from the Perception-Projection Trap.

Some Examples

It just so happens, nowadays there’s so many illusions. We’ve taken so much as being true when it’s not. We may see this in many areas. As an example in areas such as how our history, money issues, law, science, health, just to name a few.

Some Tools

Remember, our world is what we think it is. As we change our thoughts we also change our world. Much of our thoughts we take on from others as if they are true. So, ask yourself, ‘what am I perceiving?’ … also, ‘what am I projecting?’ … ‘who does this thought belong to? … and what am I perceiving as mine that isn’t?

Clarity Counselling

This is a great way to enhance both our inner-reflection and hence gain greater clarity about our future vision. It includes the 2 step ‘Perception-Projection Process’ which is both a verbally guided visualisation and a amazingly relaxing ‘hands-on’ holding of points around the eyes.

Inquire about this counselling for ‘conflict resolution’ to help create clarity. Learn more tools for unravelling the ‘Perception-Projection Trap’.

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