Counselling – Gold Coast

Counselling – Gold Coast – is a service to help with enhancing Self-Confidence, Self-Development, Self-Esteem and Self-Empowerment … for being the best we can be!

Lets Talk! … with a series of ‘Holistic’ counselling techniques to help facilitate ‘Conflict Resolution’, ‘Stress Management’, ‘Decision-Making’, ‘Relationship Issues’ and ‘Crises-Support’ to assist with improved outcomes such as clarity, focus, motivation and enhanced performance.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – What we either do or don’t do can have consequences. CBT can help to change unhelpful habits of thinking, emotions and behaviour with simple, practical strategies to help achieve a more positive outcome with issues such as addictions, aversions, phobias, grief and loss, etc.

Voice Dialogue – Many problems are due to miscommunication – this is not only with others, but also within our-self. Emotions are a great barometer of the conflict between our thoughts and feelings Dialoguing can help to promote a more integrated mind-body connection for better harmony.

Multi-Brain Integration Technique – mBIT takes NLP to new levels. The latest scientific research shows that we have three brains. We have brain in our heart, our gut and head. mBIT can help to integrate the three brains so that they function better together to achieve better results.

Life-Coaching – ‘Go for Gold!’ … a series of life-coaching sessions: ‘Awakening Awareness’, Conflict Resolution’, ‘Stress Management’ & ‘Life-style Mentoring’

Stress Test – with ‘state-of-the-art’ bio-feedback technology. Heart Rate Variability is known as the golden standard for stress testing. Discover your mind-heart coherence level to help monitor and master your emotional and physical stress.

Stress Management – Stress is acknowledged as the cause of so many problems. Stress Management Coaching comprises of a series of sessions with; ‘Stress-Awareness’, ‘Stress-Solutions’, ‘Flick the Switch from Stress to Success’ and ‘Specialised Stress Management Strategies for Success’. 

Awakening-Awareness – discovering ‘Self-Awareness’ and how we relate to the world. Discover your ‘aspirations’, our innate thirst! A series of techniques to help become more aware of life-style dysfunctions, threats, opportunities, and how to achieve what you really want in life.

Mojo Mentoring – Your ‘Mojo’ is your special niche in life – it’s where you shine better than anyone else. Mojo Mentoring is a series of  techniques to help identify, ignite, integrate and implement your ‘mojo’ into different aspects of our life.

Extra Modalities – such as ‘Narrative Therapy’, Tapping with EFT, Acu-point Integration Technique (AIT) and much more … 

It can be amazing what a difference a counselling session can make

Imagine how a counselling session could help you.

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